Part 1 Scene 4

Willis’ manor house is on the edge of town, on 12 Derby St. The gate is locked and a high wall surrounds the street entrance. It can be climbed over, picked or just walked around. The back of the house leads out into the countryside. The external doors are sealed off with police tape.

Main hall

A large staircase leads greets the investigators if they enter through the main doors. Adjacent to it is a hallway. There is a blood splattered door at the end of it that you assume leads to the kitchen. The right leads to the lounge. Further down the hall is a doorway leading to the dining room. To the left is a sun room.

The Lounge room

Largely unremarkable. Half-finished cocktail and champagne flutes lie shattered on the ground, or placed on tables.

The Kitchen

Opening the door to the kitchen, reveals a grisly scene. The large kitchen is covered in dried blood. Tables are overturned, plates and cooking utensils are strewn across the room. Closer investigation shows a huge whole in one of the walls as if something very heavy was thrown against it with great force. There is an obvious smear of blood leading into the dining room from something being dragged.

Dining hall

At rear of house. The places at the table were not cleaned up before the massacre. You notice that there are two more places set than there were bodies in the morgue. There are blood splatters on the floor, that look like bodies were dragged out the back.


The Study

Clearly Willis’ inner sanctum. The room has a fireplace with a hunting rifle hanging above it, a bear rug and a comfortable looking evening chair. In the corner of the room is a desk covered with papers. Next to it is a large, locked chest.

Skill check – Accounting or Law
A success reveals that the papers are doctored payment records. Ridiculously high prices charged for orders made years in the future. It takes the investigator some time to work out were all the money is leading back to, but one name is at the end of the trail again and again: – Dara Bannion.

Skill check – Opening the chest
Inside the chest is a collection of personal effects: an old military uniform. Photographs from safari (next to a man who can be identified as Dara Bannion), a box of rifle rounds and one item which you can’t identify. It’s a corked, glass bottle and in it is what appears to be a ball of black hair tightly bound with dried grass… too large to have been inserted in the neck of the bottle.


Part 1 Scene 4

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