Part 1 Scene 1

Give the group some time to mingle. Eventually, a nurse appears.

Nurse: “Mr Donovan will see you now”.

She leads you down a hallway and into a private room. In the bed in front of you is Harry, older than you remember him but definitely Harry. He struggles for air, each breath is raspy and rattles in this chest. Bandages cover half his face and most of his body and on closer inspection, you notice he has lost an arm from just above the elbow. Through his pain it takes him a moment to recognise you, but when he does you can tell he is grateful to see you.

Harry: “Thank god you came. I didn’t know who else to turn to. You need to save Maggie.” He starts gasping

The nurse attends to him and tries to calm him down.

“Hush now, Mr Donovan. You need to stay calm. To the investigators Please try not to agitate him.” – Nurse exits

Harry: “Please, you need to believe me.”

Harry: “We were at a party at a client’s house, on West Derby Street. It was only a small gathering… there were only a few of us that stayed back after the meal. Maggie had wanted to leave, but I wanted to talk business. We were in the lounge having drinks and smokes. It would have been around 11 when we heard the screams from the kitchen. We thought the help might have dropped something because the screams were so quickly followed by a tremendous thud. Mr Willis, our host, excused himself to investigate the commotion. He was gone for less than a minute before we heard his own screams, followed by a crash. We rushed out of the room and down the hall, towards the source of the sound. That’s when…”

He sounds weaker and looks close to passing out

Skill check to keep him conscious: First Aid, Psychology, Pharmacy, some improvised skill

Part 1 Scene 1

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